In response to a friend wanting to get into Young Adult books, but is clueless as to what to expect from the numerous genres therein, here is a basic introduction to Reading Young Adult  Books.

To serve as a common denominator among the genres, I’m using a universal theme that applies to most YA works – the typical Boy Meets Girl angle.

A note: descriptions do not apply to ALL YA series found under that particular genre, but rather to a substantial majority.

Dystopian YA: Boy Meets Girl And This Somehow Becomes a Matter of Life or Death Because the Government Sucks

Paranormal Romance YA: Strange / Supernatural Nice Boy Meets a Girl who Doesn’t Think She’s Special But He Does, Who Meets Another Strange / Supernatural Bad-Ass Boy Who Also Thinks She’s Special

Fantasy YA: Boy Meets Girl and Best Friend/s, Realizes They Are Chosen and must Save the World With Magic or All Is Doomed

Steampunk YA: Boy Meets Girl in A City That Has 90% More Clunky Machines Than It Actually Should. Also, Everybody Loves Tesla. If Biopunk, Then Possibly Everybody Loves Darwin.

Urban Fantasy YA: In An Unusual City, Girl with Special Powers Meets Boy with Special Powers who May or May Not Want to Kill Her. Or Kiss her. Whatevs.

Historical YA: In Some Distant Past Usually Involving Ball Gowns, Boy Meets Girl Snarkier Than Era Allows For

Contemporary YA: Boy Meets Girl with Issues, But Then OTHER BITCHES COME TRIFLIN’

Mystery YA: Boy Meets Girl and Solves Crimes That Baffles Police Despite No Previous Experience with Dead Bodies

Horror YA: Boy Meets Girl While in Romantic Backdrop of Gore, Blood, and Unattached Appendages. Hearts All Around, Literally.

Science Fiction YA: Boy Meets Girl in Space, Usually on a Spaceship or Tech-Savvy Planet With Parts That Will Still Somehow Malfunction Like It’s On a Windows Vista OS.


What I hope other people shall come away with after reading this, is this:



(taken from here)

And also: that I probably shouldn’t be allowed to introduce Young Adult books to newcomers.


(And fellow writers? No more protagonists having a gay best friend in YA novels. Please?)