I stumbled upon some really funny character flowcharts from the good people over at BookRiot,  which includes Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), and Bella Swan (Twilight). I used to do a bazillion of these everyday for work, back when I was head of the Quality Control and Documentations department at my first job. (And by this I mean that of the two of us working in that department I was there longer.)

So in the spirit of YA love and flowcharts, here’s the flowchart of my favorite female character in the Harry Potter books, Bellatrix L’estrange who, ironically, was one of the two people that killed off my favorite male character in the series. (The other one was J.K. Rowling.)

All featured flowcharts can be viewed in larger resolutions by clicking on the images!


And here’s an attempt at a flowchart using Terry Prachett’s Granny Weatherwax, from his Discworld series:

I also kinda figured this would be a great exercise for characters in my WIPs and current manuscripts, so here’s a couple more.  The first is my main protagonist from Firekeeper:

This one’s a little trickier – the dead female lead (I’m not so sure I should refer to her as a ‘heroine’) from my work-in-progress. Not as cuss-y as the flowchart implies, it just sounded fun to do in this vein.

Has anyone else made their own attempts at character flowcharts, fan-based or otherwise?