This actually happened a couple of months ago, but I’ve only gotten around to officially announcing the news here.

My YA psychological horror novel, The Unnatural States of Dead Girls in Wells, has sold to to awesome publishing company Sourcebooks! This little blurb says it all:

I would like to take this opportunity to completely waste your time and my piffy bandwidth with every happyface.gif I can find on the internets within the next five minutes.

happy01 happy02 happy03 happy04 happy05 happy06 happy07 happy08 happy09 happy10

Okay, I think that’s enough.

(Or maybe one more, cause I like Toby Turner.)


Truthfully, I was too busy fretting over the panicking and the contracts and the panicking and the post office shipping (there appears to be a lot more logistics involved when you do not live in the same country as either your agents or publishing company) and the panicking, to remember to make an announcement – but better late than never, yah?

A word to most would-be writers, or writers seeking out agents and publishing companies: at this point, having patience is going to be your best trait. The process takes an inooooordinate amount of time, through no one’s fault.  I signed with an agent last July, and officially signed with a publisher last month – and it’s still considered a rather short time when compared to others in the same boat.


Not an actual representation of my agents dealing with publishing houses.

And if all goes as planned, my novel should debut in the fall of 2014! Exciting stuff!