The pre-order campaign for THE NEVER TILTING WORLD is now up! Thank you for all your support!



+ Ordered  a hardcover copy or ebook of TNTW from Book Depository, Amazon or other online bookstores;

+ Paid in advance for a copy of the book at Barnes & Noble or any other indie bookstore in your area

+ Ordered from any loot crate box subscription where this TNTW is featured

** open internationally!



+ fill out the form (don’t forget your shipping address + country you’re from!)

+ make sure to add a screenshot of your receipt or the order form slip as required in the form! Please don’t send me an in-account link of your order slip if you’re ordering online, as I won’t be able to view it!


What you’ll get:

+ four (4) stickers of my main characters Arjun, Odessa, Haidee, and Lan!

+ a random character art print of either Arjun, Odessa, Haidee, and Lan!

+ Thirty (30) people selected at random will receive an Aeon enamel pin! I will be increasing the number if there are more pre-orders!

BONUS: Did you pre-order from an indie bookstore or from B&N? Please make sure that’s visible in your receipt and mention it in the form, to receive ANOTHER random character art!

Sign up for the pre-order campaign!


The Swag




art prints


enamel pin




Sign up for the pre-order campaign!