a regular author page is boring.

(and i never have anything inspiring to say. Do people really want to know where I studied, who I worked with, who I had to mud wrestle for a vat of Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream?)

So here’s something a little different.

  • smart-assed 80% 80%
  • meanie 70% 70%
  • geeky gamer fangirl 50% 50%
  • hungry 100% 100%


riddles and puzzles, kittens, round rabbits, superheroes, boston legal, dinosaurs, ghost stories, s’mores, green tea, chocolate, and crime shows.


mongo seeds, bittergourd, idiots, hot muggy days and extremely rainy seasons, early mornings, and oatmeal.


neil gaiman, terry pratchett, agatha christie, david and leah eddings, stephen king, boris akunin, jk rowling, catherine m. valente, alexander dumas, kurt vonnegut, charles bukowski


train, system of a down, kings of leon, lifehouse, calla lily, imagine dragons, slayer, peter gabriel

For ARCS and other similar requests, please email my agent Rebecca Podos of the Helen Rees Agency.


credits: stormofgenius | kyureodo | capcatragu | padawan | kubina