Due to a desperate need for more sleep, just a few short updates:

1.THE GIRL FROM THE WELL is now also available on NetGalley! You can now go and request your ARCs here!

2. The always amazing Rebecca Petruck┬áhas found a few more TGftW ARCs available at the American Booksellers’ Association WI9 this month!



3. Book #2 is doing pretty well, despite my sleepiness and pregnanciness and lameness. I am estimating I’ve got about 5k to go before I’m officially done with my first draft, and that should be done by early next week. And yes, it’s kindof a sequel, though I’m looking at this more as a companion piece to compliment THE GIRL FROM THE WELL, than anything else. The agents and editors have liked the first chapter I’d hammered out last year, so here’s hoping they like the rest of it.

4. Because there isn’t enough ‘real’ news in this entry, here is a gif of some of my favorite things in the world.