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It’s been up for a couple of weeks or three, but I’ve only gotten around to announcing it here: THE UNNATURAL STATES OF DEAD GIRLS IN WELLS now has its own Goodreads page where, for some inexplicable reason, forty people say they are looking forward to reading the book once published. (thirty-nine, actually, because mothers technically don’t count. Especially mothers who call you up to ask how she can purchase your book at Goodreads, no matter how supportive said mother is.)

I get odd looks every time I tell people what my book’s title is, so here’s a confession: I didn’t know what to name my manuscript, so  THE UNNATURAL STATES OF DEAD GIRLS IN WELLS was actually a placeholder title (I summed up what my book was about in as short and as simple a phrase as I could manage, then stuck it on). I figured the chances of editors changing it would be high anyway, so I decided not to worry about it.

My agents loved it. All interested editors they pitched to loved it.

I swear, the things I come up with on the fly get better praise than those I’d worked on for years.

Next – Pinterest might be one of the most awesome things to come out of social media, which is why I’ve gotten myself an account. Now populated with a smorgasbord of pretty things, my upcoming book teasers, and a lot of good taste (and modesty, too).

And finally, OneFourKidLit is celebrating a new look with some awesome giveaways! With books! And unicorns! And magic! But mostly books!