Fiverr. It’s the site where you can get anyone to do anything for you, from writing your own personal song to , all for $5. And really, you haven’t really lived until you’ve paid someone to do voiceover work for you as Gollum.

Fiverr items writers might find useful:

1. word_girl23: I will write or edit your query or cover letter for $5

She will also write or edit your synopsis for $5.

2. papina: I will edit your document for correct American English grammar for $5

3. revlac: I will proofread any document, article or essay up to 2000 words for $5

4. panks021: I will design URGENT, creative and professional ebook cover for you for $5

5. dsmarketing: I will convert your 2D flat design into an professional 3D eBook Cover and choose from 5 Styles… for $5

Fiverr items that are just plain funny:

1. joeypasc: I will say anything as Christopher Walken, Jack Sparrow, Kermit the Frog or my many other voices for $5

2. adamrussell: I will say anything as Harry Potter for $5

3. mr_marcus: I will juggle a chainsaw and knives, chainsaw cost EXTRA, while yelling anything you want for $5

4. Celebrity impersonations everywhere, from Christopher Walken (easily the most popular voice here) to Batman, Jack Sparrow and Solid Snake, to Morgan Freeman, to President Obama.


Also, given that this is my first new post of the year, I would say this image summarizes my holidays.