First: turn to page 77 of your work-in-progress (or WIP, if you will)

Second: go down to line 7

Third: copy down the next 7 lines – either sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.

Fourth: no cheating!

Last: once complete tag seven new people to partake in the challenge,  and let them know.

The wonderful AFord tagged me, so here’s an excerpt from a recent manuscript (YA psychological horror) I’ve been rather secretive about, given it’s not a genre you get to see a lot in a young adult novel. Now that the first draft is finally complete (with months of revisions ahead), here’s a short teaser:


She turns away, back toward the room.

Something rattles behind her.

Callie looks back just in time to see the lid slide off of the urn, dropping with a noisy thump onto carpeted floor. From inside a jumble of hair rises out the opening, inch by slow, protruding inch. As she watches, horrified, a drooping eye emerges from underneath that matted hair and then next, a gaping mouth. It is Yoko Halloway’s head peering up, and Callie claps a hand over her mouth, stifling the urge to scream. But the dead woman’s eyes seem every inch as pleading, a peculiar desperation in that bloodied face. Her torn lips move wordlessly with a warning Callie neither hears nor understands, before it falls out the urn and hits the floor, rolling toward her.


The girl jerks back into the reality of the room, only to find Tarquin’s father peering down at her anxiously. “Are you alright?”

Armed in the older man’s presence, there is nothing out of the ordinary here. The seals on the urn’s lid remain perfectly in place. Yoko Halloway’s head does not stare up at her from the floor.

“Are you alright?” The boy’s father asks again.

No, Callie thinks. No. I am not alright.

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