I don’t always get the opportunity to visit the post office in my area, mostly because I get most of my shipping via international and local couriers. Because the post office is also situated in an area of town that does not have direct access to public transportation (which is usually the only recourse I have on most weekdays, being that my husband has work and I am allegedly a terror behind the wheel), I’ve technically never been there before, save for occasionally passing by the place en route to other locations more pertinent to how I live my life.

Last week though, I received a small summons stating that I had a package waiting for me, and if I would kindly go over there and pay the required P50 customs processing fee lest they don’t wait for the 30 day waiting period to lapse and cannibalize whatever it was someone thought important enough to send me. (People here can tell you of horror stories involving customs and local shipping, most of which involves exorbitant custom fees and much ripping and stealing of packages by people within the system.)

It looks more like an abandoned building than a post office when I arrived. Granted, I’d passed this place numerous times and never gave a thought to the dilapidated exterior and general run-down look of the place. Now though, despite the smattering of employees meandering behind the chipped tile counters, it could easily pass as haunted – and i do love my haunted places.

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They open at 8 am, which was when I’d arrived, but I’d had to wait a good half hour more, because the employees here, like in many other places in the Philippines, operate on Filipino time, which means “at least an hour later than the time that was agreed upon”. He squints at me, then hands me a yellow ratty package without asking for any ID whatsoever. Gotta love the Philippines.


 I’m thinking I should be exploring the metro I live in a little more often than I have. Who knows what other creepy-looking place I might find?