New site layout, and more!

JUNE, 2017



The original intention was to have this site revamped by December 2016. Shows you how much I love to procrastinate, I guess. Better late than never?

I am in love with the responsive and fluid one-page-note sites I see popping about, and decided to make my own version and see how it’ll turn out. (Once upon a time, I actually did web design, although I spent less time trying to earn a living from it and more time crafting fanlisting sites during my teenage years.)

(And why yes, that does happen to be my ungainly mug on the front page, thank you for asking.)

This is also the new look for the blog. it’s a pretty theme and I can’t stop oogling it. Unfortunately, the downside to this lovely design is that it doesn’t convert to older posts, so for the moment (until I get off my lazy ass, anyway) there’ll be two blog designs – divided into the pre-Bone Witch and post-Bone Witch eras, so to speak.

In the meantime, a lot of stuff has been happening! Here’s the first one:

Writing update: Am hard at work with Book # 3 of The Bone Witch and expect to have it done by this month (maybe. hopefully.) BUT I ALSO HAVE A NEW PROJECT!

Unfortunately, it’s something that I can’t quite announce just yet until all the official papers and whatnot have been finalized. I expect to be able to share the good news with you guys by the end of the month or the next!

In the meantime, here’s a few excerpts from The Bone Witch #2!