Sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration to keep on writing. Based on my experiences, they usually come from the oddest of places. Living in a small third-world archipelago in Asia, where the laws are sometimes suggested rather than enforced, and where Asian and Western influences are seen in very strange and creative ways, there’s always something unusual to see. So for every 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month, I’ll be posting five pictures I’ve taken of random places, people, and things here in the Philippines. Hope you guys can find a little bit of inspiration from these!

Hopia (bean pastry) is a favorite snacktime food in the Philippines, introduced by immigrants from Fukien province, China. Here, a baker makes large batches of hopia for all to see.

Old and various degrees of valuable Filipino peso and centavo coins. Several antique shops in stores have these on display and for sale, showcasing the different shapes and sizes of the coins through the years.

A street vendor is preparing products for the lunch hour. Workers (often those working less than minimum wage) too poor to eat at even fast food restaurants are her best clients.

Club Zirkoh, a comedy club now closed and in disrepair.

Filipinos love milk tea (made popular by the Taiwanese and the Japanese). While most favor freshly made tea at mil tea shops, some Asian groceries (like the Konbini) offer packaged milk tea of various flavors and prices.