Pictures tell a thousand words, so I will rely for the most part on them to explain this post. The Twitter thread this was screengrabbed from has been deleted – my main goal was to let as many authors as possible know about the theft (and man, they were a lot) and delete once that was accomplished.

As of the time of this post, the site itself is down, and multiple takedowns from publishers and authors are on their way. I will say though, that this is my first time to have heard of Travis McCrea, but he has been a serial thief going back at least three years. The screengrabs should explain everything.

This is here for posterity, and also because this was the strangest thread I’ve made. The more I dig into the information about him, the weirder and more ridiculous he gets.

I wish I didn’t have to do this right after my book just came out, but. This is Travis McCrea, a book thief and POS. He is running an ebooks site and stealing a lot of authors’ books without permission. Yes, my books. Yes, your books, too. He stole hundreds, possibly more.
These are just some of the books he stole that I screengrabbed. There are. So. Much. More.
He is stealing from EVERYONE. Like if you have a book out chances are it’s there. There are far too many books he stole to screenshot; but he has shown no inclination to take down the site.
I am trying not to post a direct link to his site because he himself admits it benefits him. This is his personal account. He is apparently a pilot from Vancouver, Canada and a board member of [redacted].
Well gee, so he is on the [redacted] page as Director of Facebook group lol Do they take piracy seriously if I contact them at [redacted] or does he run the page, too Anyone from canada check this number?
He is claiming to remove your book if you fill out a form on his site but what he actually does is ban your IP address to prevent you from viewing the site. Normally DMCAs come straight from the publisher but I’m trying to look for other avenues for other authors.

Are you fucking kidding me This dimbulb tried to run for politics but never won. His political party name is literally the Pirate Party of Canada He advocates for intellectual property reform, what
This is insane. I think this is a pic of him at Occupy Vancouver, holding up a sign looking for a girlfriend and posting his phone number. Blocking the number (might also be old) but I seriously cannot believe this shit

Here’s the whois data for his site. All you need to know is that his registrar is [redacted] If your book is on his site, you can fill out their abuse form at [redacted]

You can also report him to Cloudflare’s abuse form atĀ  (make sure not to check the box at the bottom where he’ll be notified and possibly get your email. Check the box to notify his webhost instead)

If you know an author who he stole from, please tag them in here and let them know. He’s been getting away with this because he hasn’t been getting hit en masse. Thanks for the help!

I believe it really has to be multiple takedown emails at once, and as many complaints as possible at this point. Otherwise, he’ll still coast along and the site stays up. [to a question: is there any legal recourse?]
User: You can report him to the RCMP. Their website is currently unresponsive, but I believe that once it’s responsive again, that is the appropriate place to take this. As far as I know, what he’s doing is jailable.

User: I’ve reported him to my publisher, Macmillan. If we all submit a piracy report to our publishers, it might make a difference.

And when you do email publishers on authors’ behalf (thank you!) please let them know that this is a popular book theft site that gets thousands of hits at almost any given time. I know posting about this will help them, but the goal is also to cut them off.

That said, if anyone knows lawyers practicing in Vancouver who can offer some advice on this, please feel free to chime in. I believe IP laws in Canada are rather strict when it comes to uploading copyrighted works

There are a TON of stolen Star Wars books here, as he points out. Also a lot of Marvel graphic novels and book tie-ins. @Disney or @Marvel want a look-see at this?

(Also, thank you to the three followers who let me know about this pos, for the headsup. <3 This is theft on a horrifyingly large scale. Apparently this site was called TUEBL and he changed the name to avoid scrutiny)

User: Rin, Try contacting the BC RCMP direct @BCRCMP this guy looks like a major pirate of authors works.

User: You can also Google the author’s name or book title and add “site:” to the query, like “gaiman site:” and Google will return all the results that come back from the specific domain.

I am now being told that if you ask him to take down your books qnd he does, that they’ve been known to resurface again in the site after a few weeks anyway. What are the repercussions of that if a DMCA email had already been previously sent to him?

Would @TorontoStar @vancouversun @theprovince be interested in a book thief / unsuccessful former politician in Vancouver pirating books and committing other jailable offenses on a very large scale? Hey @georgiastraight, this thief actually wrote for you

(Ok, someone posted some info with the guy’s address, telephone numbers, etc. I’m not reposting that because I think it’s against TOS. If you’re considering a serious legal course of action, though, let me know!)

Would @CTVNews @GlobalBC also be interested in an unsuccessful former politician / private pilot now pirating books on a global scale and not bothering to hide it, including those by Stephen King, JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman, etc.?

User: As usual his site is shielded by @
. But you can find his real domain at http://crimeflare.orgĀ . And when filing your DMCA notice with his ISP, the key word is ‘expeditiously’ If he fails to remove IP ‘expeditiously’ lawyers can argue for him to lose ‘Safe Harbor

“…claims that it is operated as an Idaho-based ministry of the Kopimist Church… led by Travis McCrea, who claims that “giving away other people’s intellectual property is his religious vocation…”” You can’t claim fair use or safe harbor if you actually said this shit
And a heads up – I intend to delete this thread after a bit, once I’m sure enough authors have seen this. I’m not happy about potentially bringing traffic to his site, but he’ll get hits whether I do or not. The goal is to hopefully remove enough books out to hurt him

THAT SAID. If you want to help, here’s the 3 things that’ll work best
1. report his site to [redacted]
2. tell publishers about author book on the site. EMPHASIZE that some books are reuploaded after a few weeks even after a DMCA
3. If you’re gonna use his form to request to remove your books, take documentation. Screencap sending the form, screencap if your books do get removed (ex: url no longer working). Screencap again, if your books then get reuploaded after that.

It is NOT FUN to call asses out like this. A lot of big authors can’t always denounce publicly (calls too much attention to it, pubs forbid them to, etc.). The ones that get hit hardest (indie authors, mainly) don’t always have the influence to call someone out.

Wish there’s an easier way to have a whisper network where these get passed quickly through big authors, midlists, and indie without publicly using Twitter. For now, please archive this thread if you want – I’ll have screencaps on my blog at least before deleting today/tom.

The site is currently down because his domain registrar [redacted] is not happy about the piracy, so thank you, [redacted] and thanks for reporting, guys! (However, they are not his webhost, which means he could still resurface – monitoring!)

Rosa Saba, journalist: Hi Rin, I’m looking into this for @thestarcalgary . Looking for authors (esp Canadian) who have experience with this site or similar. Email me: [email protected]

Guys. GUYS. Do not harass or doxx his girlfriend or any other family members, what the fuck. I am deliberately not mentioning any of them in this thread because they are not involved in his crap. I WILL, however, call you the goddamn out

Ok. Deleting in an hour. Should be enough time to screengrab anything you might need going forward. I’ll keep an archive on my blog, along w/ other relevant tweets, but jfc – as someone people had also tried to doxx before, some of y’all are why we fucking can’t have nice things.

I do not doubt that he will try to start up again with another domain name, so this is up here just in case anyone else has further dealings with him. Consider this your warning!