A few days ago, I posted about my creepy local post office, complete with photos. What I didn’t mention is what the package contained. And here it is!

104 103


My publisher has been kind enough to send me all these delicious little bookmarks, which also means I finally have the beginnings of a swag pile. Some of these will be going to quite a few blogs my publicist has been working with to help promote The Girl from the Well, and for a host of other events planned for the fall (more on both of these soon!)

(“Look, Zio,” I said, waving one of the bookmarks over my spawn’s crib. “Mommy’s got new swag!”)


baby obviously thinks mothers shouldn’t go about saying things like ‘swag’ 

And look at these pretty book badges! Feel free to take these if you’d like:

Displaying GirlFromTheWell-BlogBadge1.jpg Displaying GirlFromTheWell-BlogBadge2.jpg Displaying GirlFromTheWell-BlogBadge3.jpg

One sad note amidst all the excitement: one of my agents, Nicole, has decided to leave the Rees Agency to pursue other things. I am obviously sad to see her go, because she and my other agent, Rebecca, were the first advocates of my book way back when, and it will always feel odd to continue this journey to publication without her. All the best wishes to you, Nicole, and looking forward to new experiences!

Roughly two weeks till my book hits the stands! Whoop!