Don’t worry, that entry title only feels overtly long.

The following is a small list of resources I’ve compiled (and have, occasionally, used) as part of my daily writing habits, and thought people may benefit from these. They deal with anything from plot ideas to publishing tips to social media tools I’ve found handy. Some aren’t the kind of resources most writers tend to look for (and a few of these I’d written myself), so hopefully they’re eclectic enough to stand out from other lists.

I’ll be updating this list whenever I find more to add!


Story and Structure

Mind mapping applications (via Lifehacker)

Pick Your Genre Quiz

Character Sheet

Periodic List of Storytelling Elements

The Brainstormer (random plot / setting generator – on iTunes)

A Novel Idea app (iTunes)


Useful Writing Tools

Scrivener writing software

IAWriter (iTunes)

Dramatica Pro – Story Development Software

Free writing software (via techradar)

Shareist – for collating and organizing ideas and research

Index Card corkboard app (iTunes)


Relevant Blogs on Getting Published

Rachelle Gardner

Query Shark (Janet Reid)

Nathan Bransford

Chuck Wendig


Social Media Tools

Pinterest Resources (via Peg Fitzpatrick)

Twitter Resources (via inkygirl)

A Writer’s Guide to Instagram (via fromsarahwithjoy)

Hi – touted as Instagram for writers

Facebook template to maximize traffic / visitors




Writing Prompts

Tumblr #1 | Tumblr #2

Writing Prompts iTunes app


Book Cover Ideas

100 Books that should be made, with awesome covers by Tyler Adam Smith

Some Book Cover Cliches to Watch Out For (via buzzfeed)



Fake Name Generator

Book Quotes Inspiration #1 | Book Quotes Inspiration #2 | Book Quotes Inspiration #3 | Book Quotes Inspiration #4

The Foreign Writer’s Guide to Publishing House Requirements


To end, here’s a picture of Patrick Stewart with a cotton candy mustache. Why? Because Patrick Stewart.