Over the last couple of years, roughly 85% of the questions I get from readers include: is there gonna be another book in your The Girl from the Well series? Please let me know if there’s another book out! Will this be a trilogy? Does this mean Tark and Okiku’s story is over? I was hoping for more!

The bad news: As of now, there won’t be a new The Girl from the well novel coming out, and will currently remain a duology.

The good news: On October 25, 2016, I WILL be releasing a new The Girl from the Well short story in this blog, just because I can and also a big thank you to readers who’ve enjoyed traveling with Tark and Okiku over the last three years!

Even more good news: As a big thank you again, I’ll be offering some giveaways to commemorate as well! (and also, Tark, Okiku and I just love Halloween.)

What I’m giving away:

Handmade dolls of our resident ghost girl! (Perhaps a Tark doll, too? Would anyone be interested in a Tark doll?)


Handmade teru teru bozu dolls! (many Japanese shrines have paper versions of these when they want to pray for rain)


A paperback of THE SUFFERING!

And another ARC of THE SUFFERING!

Wait. An ARC, you say? But The Suffering came out last year!

Yep, but this ARC has a little something in it – a running commentary and margin notes / thoughts about the book that didn’t quite always make it to the final print! These will have a few explanations of why I wrote things a certain way, and other things that are probably not very useful in the greater scheme of things, but hopefully interesting nonetheless!

page01 page02

This is the only ARC I’ll be giving out with my own notes on it, so this will be a pretty unique item!

Giveaways will be on both Twitter and on this page! The Twitter giveaways shall commence / be announced on October 24, 2016. The short story and blog giveaways will be published here on October 25. All shall run until the end of Halloween on October 31!