A bard meets a young girl living in exile along a sea of skulls. At his urging, she recounts her beginnings and rise in a society of spellbinders called asha. As a bone witch, her powers of necromancy make her feared and shunned by the populace, but tolerated for her abilities to slay daeva – fearsome beasts that plague the kingdoms.

But there is more to the girl than she first appears. Soon the bard begins to suspect that there is more to her tale than what she claims, and that he has a far greater role to play in her story than even he realizes.

“Of everything I had heard, I had not expected her to be so young. Seventeen did not explain why she stood on that strange graying beach, alone, with monsters’ corpses for company.”



Powerful spellbinders capable of using runic magic, most of whom can be found in the kingdom of Kion. While known for their skills in the arts and as entertainers, many are also some of the best fighters in the land.


Deadly creatures that roam the land, formed by the False Prince. To defeat these beasts, one must find and rip their bezoar from their bodies – although such an action is only a temporary respite, as they are capable of resurrection.

Bone Witches

A derogatory term for Dark asha, the most feared among the spellbinders. Like the False Prince and his Faceless followers, they wield Dark magic, and are the only spellbinders able to control daeva.