Some happy news!

Book(dot)con is an online convention started by Diana Sousa where authors can talk about writing, characters, and stories, and conduct workshops! The first ever con will be held online from June 19-20. 2016, and all you need to do to attend is have internet access!

I’m going to be on two panels: “Blending Genres” on June 19th, where I’ll talk about mixing horror and action, American ghost stories and Japanese lore, and “Culture and Faith” on June 20th, both held on 11AM (EDT) / 4PM (GMT). If you can’t make it, they’ll be recording every panel for you to access later on!

For more information, check out and for more updates!

Next up: Barnes and Noble will be giving away like a bazillion (okay, fifty) posters of THE BONE WITCH for their first National Teen Book festival, happening across all of their 350+ branches at once from June 10-12, 2016! Hop on over to your nearest Barnes and Noble branch for more information!